2013-2014 9.sınıf ingilizce kitabı cevapları (Anadolu lisesi)


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9. sınıf ingilizce kitabı cevapları (Anadolu lisesi) 2. ünite: Sayfa 10: part b.look at sibels family tree. then fill in the blanks. 1 nesrin 2 emel?s 3 tarık 4 utku?s, sibel?s, selin?s 5 Selin 6 utku and sibel 7 selin 8 son 9 utku?s 10 uncle 11 zeynep?s and birol?s part c. read and match the sentences 1-b 2-c 3-a let?s practise a.fill in the blanks.use the correct subject pronouns and possesive adjectives 1-she, her 2-he, his 3-ıt, ıts 4-they, their sayfa 6..d bölümü 1-b 2-f 3-d 4-a 5-g 6-c 7-e 8-h sayfa 7: b bölümü.. 1.true 2.false 3.false 4.false sayfa 9.. reading and speaking.. mother=>zeynep Father=>birol brother=>utku grandfather=>tarık grandmother=>emel aunt=>nesrin uncle=>fatih cousin=>selin mektuba göre.. sayfa 12.: let?s practise a. dishes kids babies thieves dresses teeth b. they are watches they are feet they are students they are secreterys c 1. ?those 2. ?these 3. ?this 4. ..that 6. ?these.. Sayfa 25 england=e mexico=c morocco=b Turkey=d korea=a Sayfa 26 e.)T-F-T-T a.)A=China , B=India , C=The USA , d=Pakistan Sayfa 28 A-)4 B-)3 C-)1 D-)6 E-)2 F-)5 ALTLARDA BUNA GÖRE YERLEŞTİRİLİYOR. Sayfa 29 d.)roundabout(crossroads gelecekti),old(young),consciou s(unconscious),radio (mobile phone),police(ambulance),man(w oman),broken arms e.) 3?A 1?B 5?C 4?D 2?E a.) e?1 d?2 b?3 c?4 f?5 a?6 b.) I can get petrol I can have a picnic I can get refreshments I can use the telephone I can stay here c.) 1.)can?t , 2.)can,can?t,can , 3.)can?t , 4.)can?t , 5.)can Sayfa 30 1.)You can park 2.)you can?t ride a bike 3.)You can2t play football in street 4.)you can?t turn right 5.)you can make a U ? turn Sayfa 31 c.) 1.)left(right olması gerekiyor.) , 2.)can(can?t) , 3.)seventeen(eighteen) 4.)90(120) , 5.)154(155) sayfa.34 cevapları: ______________________________ __________ c) 1.F 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.T d) 1.c 2.a 3.e 4.b 5.f 6.d Sayfa 50:Lets Practise b bölümü: 1.clean my shoes/dirty=I?m going to clean my shoes because it is dirty. 2.see the play on saturday/have a ticket=I?m going to see the play on saturday because I have a ticket. 3.buy a new costume/party=I?m going to buy a new costume because I have a party. 4.sell my car/not work properly=I?m going to sell my car because it doesn?t work properly. c bölümü:cümlelerin arasına so ekliyceksin sadece. 1 i yapıyım 1.My blue jeans are dirty so I?m not going to **ar them. Sayfa 51: Let?s Practise: a bölümü: A:2 B:1 C:1 D:1 E:2 F:2 b bölümü: They are going to Eiffel To**r. Mary isn?t going to eat a hamburger. Tom is going to buy a car. The tree is going to fall down. She is going to ans**r the phone. Sayfa 74: what flour carrot How many a few a lot of How much some little f Bölümü 1= Do you have many leek? no, ı don?t have many leek But ı have a lot of patotoes 2=Do you have many aurbegine? no ı dont have many aurbegine(patlıcan) but ı have a lot of patotoes sayfa 81: c bölümü: (boşluklar) Bora,Bodrum,sunny,crowded sayfa 82: d bölümü: The Aghia Sophia Museum: D The Eiffel Tovver: C The Buckingham Palace: B A National Park: A Let?s Practise: (was,vvere,wasn?t,vveren?t boşluklar?) 1.vvere,vvere,vveren?t,vvere 2.vvere,was 3.vvere 4.vvere,vvere,was,was 5.vvere,vvere ? Listening ler var? Sayfa 87: Let?s Practise: 1.mine 2.his 3.hers 4.theirs sy 90 Reading & Listening c.Ans**r the quetions 1-yapamadık 2-emma green was with them 3-yapmadık 4-yapmadık d.listen to part III OF ?MURDER BY THE SEA? and write true(t) folse(f) 1-folse (yanlıs) 2-true (doğru) 3-folse (yanlıs) 4-folse (yanlıs) sy 91 c.bölümü soruların cevaplarını yazıyorum 1-** woldeed and played scrable 2-I was in bed 3-I called taxi 4-why did you kill jack sy 92 Lets Practise (boşlukların cevapları) 1-A: B:did????..die A:?????..escaped 2-A:???..reported B:???..happened A:????.starded 3-A:??.**re B:???????disappe ared GAME TİME 1.the **re 9 people in the bank 2.the girl was bet**en woman and old man 3.no,she didn?t 4.????- 5.there was a secisnity quare sy 93 Listening & Speaking b. 1.more 2.perkins sy 96 GAME TİME a.(bulmaca) A-LEAVE B-BEGİN C-COME D-THİNK E-GO F-SHOUT G-GİVE H-CALL I-KUOLD LETS PRACTİSE 1-A: B:.**nt 2-A:??..come B: 3-A: B:.saw 4-A: B:..studed 5-A: B:?????..did 6-A: B:..stoppeed SY 97 sanatçıların ismi yazıyoruz a)CAN DÜNDAR b)İPEK ONGUN c)PAUL MCCARTNEY d)YILDIZ KENTER e)İDİL BİRET f)SEZEN AKSU g)AHMET IŞIN KARA h)STEVEN SPİLBERG SY 98 d-DOĞRU YANLIS T F T F T T 100: Let?s Practise: 1.intelligent 2.handsome 3.slimmer 4.noi***r 5.more friendly 6.careless worse 7.quiet 101: Let?s Practise: 1.late 2.quietly 3.slowly 4.carefully 5.good 6.badly 102: d bölümü: 1.Mevlana 2.philosophers 3.Beatles e bölümü: 1.The statue about seventeenkm for the city centre. 2.The statue is fourteen metres wide. 3.The statue is 23 metres. 4.It **ighs 50 tons. 5.Because the statue is symbol of peace tolerance and brotherhood. 103: a bölümü: birinci resim: Shirin Ebadi 2: İbrahim Çallı 3: Hikmet Şimşek 4: The Beatles 5: Yasemin Dalkılıç 6: Sabiha Gökçen 7: Neslihan Demir b bölümü: 1. Hikmet Şimşek 2. Sabiha Gökçen 3. The Beatles 4. Yasemin Dalkılıç 5. Shirin Ebadi 6. İbrahim Çallı 7. Neslihan Demir 104: d bölümü: (synonyms= eş anlamlılar, antonyms= zıt anlamlılar ) beautiful-attractive difficult-hard complicated-simple exciting-boring happily-cheerfully honestly-truthfully fast-slowly strongly-**akly 105: burda bize hoca comparative ile iki resmi karşılaştırın dedi. 1.First picture is cleaner than second picture. 2.First picture?s people is less than second picture?s people. 3.First picture is orderly(düzenli) than second picture. 4.First picture?s buildings are less than second picture?s buildings. 5.First picture is more beautiful than second picture. 6.Second picture is dirtier than first picture. 7.Second picture is more modern than first picture. 8.Second picture is more crowded than first picture. 9.Second picture?s tree?s are less than first picture?s trees. 10.Second picture is quieter than first picture. Sayfa 106: d.ans**r the questions. 1.The temperature will be low at nights, but it will be hot during the day. 2.There will be new kinds of animals and plants. 3.Emily nin son konuşması? e.Match the words with their meanings. c 1.global warming a 2.earthquake e 3.huge b 4.nutrition d 5.artifical Sayfa 107: Let?s Practise: a bölümü: 1.boşluk will 2.will 3.will 4.will 5.won?t 6.will b bölümü: 2.a 3.b. 1.c Sayfa 113: c cölümü: 1.F 2.F 3.T 4.F 5.T Sayfa 114: e bölümü: 1.cross-tick 2.tick-cross 3.cross-tick 4.tick-cross Sayfa 115: Let?s Practise: a bölümü: 1.A : do B : don?t 2.B : did A : didn?t_____had to b bölümü: 1.couldn?t 2.couldn?t 3.can 4.can?t 5.can sayfa 116: d bölümü: 1.No, because he think quite vveak. 2.The trainer advises him to jogging. 3.The advantages of jogging are that it?s an easy activity.(bu bölümden emin değilim) Sayfa 117: e bölümü: If Jack becomes fit, he will be healthier. If Jack becomes healthier, he will be happy. If Jack becomes happy, he will be more successful. If Jack becomes more successful, he find a good job. Sayfa 118: Let?s Practise: a bölümü: d.1 a.2 f.3 g.4 c.5 e.6 b.7 b bölümü: 1.rains 2.will 3.will call 4.doesn?t stop Sayfa 120: d bölümü: 1.The first letter from sue. 2.The second letter from Agony Aunt. 3.yapamadım Sayfa 121 One day, john met his friend and they vvent skiing.John didn?t know skiing.Thomas tought skiing to him.While they vvere skiing, the girl was skiing behind them.Next, the girl hit John.When John feel, Thomas came.While they vvere talking, they vvere next to the tree.?VVe should go to hospital.? said Thomas.At night, they vvent to hospital.VVhen the doctor put in a plaster cast his leg, he cried.?You will a little rest.?said doctor.In the morning, the doctor entered his room when John was sleeping.Then he woke up and saw the doctor.?Can I go to home today??asked John.?Yes, you can.? she ansvvered.Finally, John vvent to home when he surprised.Because his family and friends prepared party for ?May you recover soon?.He was a good day. Sayfa 124: lets practıse 1 . A: what **re you doıng at thıs tıme yesterday? b: ı was playıng .. 2. ?. was drıvıng 3: ?was workıng 4: ..was playıng Sayfa 125: readıng & wrıtıng 1: speedıng for a pıcnıc =C 2: UNSUCCESFUL SURGERY =A 3: ??A CAR WITH A BABY =B E = 1 .D 2.H 3.B 4. İ 5. E 6. A 7. G 8. F 9. C Sayfa 126: d bölümü: A.1.Because he had his appandix 2.He was still in pain.Doctors x-rayed his abdomen.There was a huge pair of scissors. 3.He feels bad. B.1.- 2.He saw a baby in the back seat. 3.No, he didn?t any harm to the baby. e bölümü: 1.d 2.h 3.b 4.i 5.e 6.a 7.g 8.ı 9.c Sayfa 128: b bölümü: 1.A: was?doing?broke B: was riding 2.A: was?called B: was having 3.A: saw A: was chasing?hit 4.A: was?doing?started B: was walking?started Sayfa 129: b bölümü: 1.Yes, she is. Because? 2.She is good at scheduling her time and making plans for the future,so she has time for fun. 3.Yes, he is. 4.Because he is a good player. Sayfa 132: Let?s Practise: b bölümü: A giraffe is an animal which has a very long neck and legs. A skateboard is a thing which has two small wheels at each end for standing on and riding. A lawyer is a person who speaks for people in court A computer is an electronic machine which store large quantities of information. Sayfa 138: Let?s Practise: a bölümü: 1.wasn?t he 2.does it 3.can?t he 4.will yo 5.aren?t I b bölümü: (Cindy ile mother ın konuşması) 1.wasn?t it 2.is it 3.didn?t you 4.isn?t she 132 d bölümü c,a,f,h,g,i,e,j,b,d, Let?s Practise: b bölümü: A giraffe is an animal which has a very long neck and legs. A skateboard is a thing which has two small wheels at each end for standing on and riding. A lawyer is a person who speaks for people in court A computer is an electronic machine which store large quantities of information. Sayfa 138: Let?s Practise: a bölümü: 1.wasn?t he 2.does it 3.can?t he 4.will yo 5.aren?t I b bölümü: (Cindy ile mother ın konuşması) 1.wasn?t it 2.is it 3.didn?t you 4.isn?t she Sayfa 143: Let?s Practise: 1.more quickly 2.better 3.earlier 4.more willingly 5.harder Sayfa 146: c bölümü: 1.Aslı has torn ezgi?s project. 2.Emre has measless. 3.Yes, she has. 4.No, he hasn?t. d bölümü: 1.Ezgi has spilt fruit juice on her project. 2.Emre hasn?t painted his face. 3.Ezgi has had already measless before. 4.Ezgi has done her project twice today. Sayfa 148: c bölümü: 1.He is very strict and punctual. 2.He feel miserable. 3.No, not yet. d bölümü: 1.You are late for work! I?m sorry because I have overslept. 2.Your flat is untidy! I?m sorry because I had a party last night. 3.Your shirt is wrinkled! I?m sorry because I have been busy with my project. 4.Soup is tasteless! I?m sorry because I have forgotten to put salt in it. e bölümü: 1.Have you watered the plants? No, not yet. Why not? Because I have been busy with my homework. 2.Have you done your homework yet? No, not yet. Why not? Because I have met my friends. 3.Have you done the shopping? No, not yet. Why not? Because I have visited my sister. Sayfa 149: Let?s Practise: a bölümü: 1.haven?t seen have gone 2.have lost 3.haven?t read yet 4.hasn?t seen 5.have just had b bölümü: 1.Has Mike ever eaten Mexican food? Yes, he has. 2.Has Mike ever flown in a balloon? No, he hasn?t. 3.Has Mike ever fallen down a horse? Yes, he has. 4.Has Mike ever tried bungee jumping? No, he hasn?t. 5.Has Mike ever had a pet? Yes, he has. Sayfa 157: g bölümü: a.2 b.6 c.5 d.4 e.1 f.3 Sayfa 158: 1.came across/ran into 2.ran away 3.came across/ran into 4.turn off 5.turn on 6.came apart Sayfa 159: b bölümü: 1.Although she was late for the exam, she finished first. 2.Despite the technical problem, the bus arrived on time. 3.In spite of being a very good housewife and cook, she didn?t organize the party at home. 4.He isn?t talented, yet he plays the piano at parties. 5.Julie vvent to Antalya for a holiday vvhereas her husband vvent skiing in Palandöken. 6.I don?t agree with him.Hovvever I think he?s honest. c bölümü: 1.d 2.c 3.a 4.e 5.b 160) a: 1)black cat 2)leaf clover 3)horsesshoe 4)old coins 5)yok 6)an umberella 162:d:1:teenage fashion 2.fashion 3.online shopping /vvas time at shopping centers or going shopping at shopping centers 4:loose 5.:fashion conscious e)c,e,d,a,f,b c)c,d,a,b lets practise 1.vvhose 2.vvho, 3.vvhich 4.vvhich 165:deki metin 4,2,3,1 166) c,e,g,a,b,d,f 166 Let?s Practise: 1.want to be 2.Have-written-I?m going to write 3.will take 4.Have-decide-will study 5.lost-did-lose 6.open-close 7.are-doing 8.broke-was skiing Sayfa 169: 1.birthday party 2.fancy dress party 3.graduation 4.vvedding Sayfa 170: c bölümü: 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.F d bölümü: 4.a 3.b 1.c 2.d Sayfa 171: b bölümü: 1.c 2.b 3.a c bölümü: 1.I?m afraid, I can?t go. 2.Yes, I?d love to. 3.Yes, thank you 4.Yes, I?d like to. Sayfa 173: c bölümü: 1.Are you planning to buy fireworks? 2.Who?s telling jokes? 3.I?m afraid he can?t. 175 b)t,f,t,f,dk,dk 176)let?s practice 1)and the movie starts at 1 p.m 2.it begins at 9 a.m 3)what time the does the theatre open 4.does that coffee shop close at 11 p.m


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